Training Ficus, a green 5 year old Friesian

Unloading Ficus at the Hideout:

On inspection I see that I misspelled some words in the video, Ficus did not mind.

Day 1:

Ficus is a green 5 year old Friesian who hardly know how to lead, let alone take a rider.  1st Round Ring Secession.  Got him to turn to towage me instead of away from in the directional changes.  Had him walk to me in the center of the ring, then follow me around.  Gave him his first leading lesson, he has a long ways to go. Went over the am in the pm, and then worked on his yielding to pressure and leading. For a horse to lead well it must learn to yield to the pressure of the rope, as he learns his job just the shifting weigh on his lead rope will tell him what to do.

You will note that in the pm session I have removed the fly mask, and put on a rope halter.  The reason is two fold:  I wanted t see his eyes as we play, and the rope halter has knots at pressure points to assist in have the horse comply with the applied pressure.I would like to point out that though I use a Round Ring, and a lunge line, I uses them to teach lessons, not for exercise or to burn of energy.  Running is a small circles put a lot of stress on a horse’s feet and ankles, and though they may not appear to be lame after they do it for long periods of times, I assure you that they have pain, and cannot perform to their optimal if you run them a lot in tight circles.

It may appear that I am trying to pull the horse to where I want him to go at times, but nothing could be further from the truth as all 170 pounds of me has not a snowball’s chance in hell of pulling a 1,000+ horse any place it does not want to go. What I am doing is applying pressure, and keep the pressure on until the horse moves in the direction I am asking, when he do that I release the pressure.

We do this over and over again until he learns his job.

We are making progress, both in the leading and the yielding to pressure.  She tends to forget her job whens she get distracted by the other horses across the driveway.  In Day 2 I decided to let Charley dog give her some more distractions. One of the jobs that he has to learn is that when he is with his rider, the rider is the center of his world, not what is going on around him.

In the am, because we have rain coming in Saturday I decided to get the first saddling done today while the Round Ring is still dry.  He took to it with no backing.  I put a little weight on  both sides by standing on a drop rope, and he did not mind.  He was antsy when I led him to the hitching post where he will stand tied for an hour with the saddle on.  Then I will spend another hour walking him around places he does not want to go. Went back to the Round Ring, put the saddle back on him and let him run, after a bit put the  bridle on his (his first bit), and let him run with that.  Then attached the rains and had him flex his neck.  Put on the long line, and plowed rained him for a while.  I turned him loose with the headstall on to get used to the bit.  After he had rested a spell I walked him around a bit with a slack lead rope.



Videographer: Donna Ruth
Edited by Rexx

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