The present always comes,
But it never arrives free.
It arrives each day wrapped
In the chains of our past.
It is always past decisions
That presents our choices of today.
And all those decisions
Was not all made by us.
Parents, friends, loved ones
Hated ones, and unknown ones.
All have made choices
That forced us to choose.
Who our Mothers decided to mate
Brought us into our very being.
How many years did others
Decide where and how we would live?
Their decisions brought our realities
Into their existence
Even more so
Then we ourselves.
Now that we walk apart
From our parents
Do not think for a second
That we are not bound to them.
It was through their ways
That we came into our ways.
It was their idea that
Led us to our ideas.
It takes more than a
Ripple On the surface
To affect the sediment
On the bottom of the lake.


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