Trump Retweeted Mussolini Quote

Trump, Mussolini And Obama

Trump, Mussolini And Obama

Every since Trump retweeted that Mussolini quote which as it turned out as an Italian source Secolo d’Italia who provide us further context for the quote. The source asserts that had adopted the phrase “Better to live one day as a lion than a hundred years as a sheep” (E’ meglio vivere un giorno da leone che cent’anni da pecora), but its origin goes back at least as far as 1883 with the Italian sculptor Ignazio Pisciotta. Mussolini had repeated the phrase at least one known time, on September 24, 1928. The quote Trump retweeted was indeed one of Mussolini’s and was satirically attributed to “ilduce2016”; however, the quote was not originally coined by Il Duce himself. It is in some ways, a “retweet” of a “retweet.”

Well, the comparison of Trump to Mussolini meme have flooded the Internet by selecting a picture of his that can reminds people of Mussolini, above I show that you can do the same thing is you pick the right picture of Obama.

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