Global Worming Alarmist’s New Propaganda War Tactics

In a propaganda war you fight to control the words used, to define your goal and try to force other to use your chosen words/terms to fight on your grounds. “Woman’s Rights” was countered with “Right to Life” and abortion was not mention, a victory for the Abortionists. “Gun Control” vs “2nd Amendment Rights” is another example, the fight is waged between those two terms, and not one’s God given right to defend themselves.

Now the Global Worming Alarmist want to define those who do not subscribe to their point of view as less intelligent by labeling them doubters instead of skeptics. I personal fail to see the distention other than scientist bill themselves as skeptics in all things. So the people who disagree with them cannot be allowed to be called skeptics, so they must be doubters and refer to science-deniers. Pure propaganda techniques, and has nothing to do if the world is warming because of man’s co2 or not. The facts are that there has been no warming in near 20 years.

Call me skeptics, doubters, or call me science-deniers, but show me the data unaltered!

AP Says Climate Change Deniers Not ‘Skeptics,’ Science Advocates Cautiously Applaud September 22, 2015

Committee for Skeptical Inquiry Says Label “Doubter” is Problematic

A small but important victory for science was scored in the public debate over climate change Tuesday, as the Associated Press announced that it would no longer refer to those who deny the reality of climate change as “skeptics” — a change that the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry has been urging the entire journalistic establishment to make. However, the AP will begin to refer to science-deniers as “doubters,” which CSI believes remains problematic and confusing.

Last year, over 50 prominent scientists, scholars, and communicators associated with the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (CSI) wrote a joint letter to the news media urging them to refrain from labeling those who deny the scientific consensus behind climate change as “skeptics.” As they stated in the letter, “Proper skepticism promotes scientific inquiry, critical investigation, and the use of reason in examining controversial and extraordinary claims.” Those criteria do not apply to those who reject reality in favor of misinformation or half-baked conspiracies about climate “hoaxes.”

Signatories to the CSI statement included “science guy” Bill Nye, physicist Mark Boslough, Cosmos co-creator Ann Druyan, science advocate Eugenie Scott, Nobel laureate Sir Harold Kroto, David Morrison of the SETI Institue, and evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, among many others. CSI is a program of the Center for Inquiry, an organization that promotes science, secularism, and humanist values.

In new guidelines for its journalists announced today, the Associated Press instructed its writers to refrain from referring to those to refuse to accept the reality of climate change as “skeptics” or “deniers,” but rather to use the term “doubter,” or else refer to them as “those who reject mainstream climate science.”

“We’re very glad that the word ‘skeptic’ will no longer be used to describe deniers of climate science, such as Sen. James Inhofe, who claims to believe that global warming is a hoax,” said Ronald A. Lindsay, president and CEO of the Center for Inquiry. “Skeptics use reason and evidence to reach conclusions, and that simply doesn’t apply to those who reject the scientific consensus on our warming planet.”

However, Lindsay cautioned that replacing “skeptic” with the term “doubter” remains problematic. “The AP’s journalism is read throughout the world, and heavily influences the public’s understanding of crucial issues such as climate change. Referring to deniers as ‘doubters’ still imbues those who reject scientific fact with an intellectual legitimacy they have not earned. The general public, we fear, will still not get a clear picture of which public figures are basing their positions on reality, and which are not.”

Despite problems with the term “doubters,” CSI expressed that the longer classification of “those who reject mainstream climate science” was acceptably clarifying.

The prof of my claim that they wish to paint point of view of global warming skeptics as less intelligent  is
“The Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (CSI)” desire to lump skeptics with the critical investigation of paranormal and fringe-science claims from a responsible, scientific point of view.  Anybody that disagrees that man co2 is is causing the world to heat up uncontrollably if a scientist is fringe-scientist like those who investigate UFOs, or the Hollow Earth, or believe in God and natural cycles.  Only a dumb shit would do that, and only a dumb shit would not believe it is man’s co2 that is killing the earth.


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