Gov. Paul LePage Charged With High Treason, To Be Impeached!

Thought Crime! Think like us on all things, and utter not one word to show a deviant thought, or else! High crimes and misdemeanors!!!

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — The furor over Gov. Paul LePage’s comment about “young white” girls being impregnated by out-of-state drug dealers is last week’s news. This week could bring an impeachment order calling for an investigation into the Republican’s alleged abuse of power. A group of lawmakers led by Rep. Ben Chipman, a Portland Democrat, submitted the order, and Chipman said it’s due to be debated on the House floor on Thursday. But House Democrats are divided, and the situation remains fluid.

It brings to mind the 1450 impeachment of William de la Pole, 1st Duke of Suffolk, charged with using his influence to obstruct justice, cronyism, and wasting public money. Other charges against him included acts of high treason.

This indeed is High Treason.


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