Schlonged, a new word for me

Schlonged, a new word for me, had they not told me I would not know that it meant snake and was used as a slang for a dick in Yiddish.

I read that “Many goyim are confused by the large number of Yiddish terms beginning with ‘schl’ or ‘schm’ (schlemiel, schlemazzle, schmeggegge, schlub, schlock, schlep, schmutz, schnook), and use them incorrectly or interchangeably,” he wrote. “And headline writers often ransack the language for onomatopoeic synonyms for ‘defeat’ such as drub, whomp, thump, wallop, whack, trounce, clobber, smash, trample, and Obama’s own favorite, shellac (which in fact sounds a bit like schlong). So an alternative explanation is that Trump reached for what he thought was a Yinglish word for ‘beat’ and inadvertently coined an obscene one.”

Here’s what Trump said. “Everything that’s been involved in Hillary has been losses,” Trump averred. “Even her race to Obama, she was going to beat Obama. I don’t know who’d be worse. I don’t know. How does it get worse? She was favored to win and she got schlonged.” So he said that she got reamed, or screwed, or any other plethora of English-language equivalents with a Yiddish euphemism.

It’s not as though Barack Obama wrote a letter to a fifth-grade schoolteacher in which he labeled Tea Partiers “tea baggers,” a term of derision used by the left that makes reference to a man dangling his testicles above another person’s mouth. (Ironically, Obama didn’t even realize he was using derogatory language when he wrote “tea-baggers” – he wrote, “I do have to challenge you, though, on the notion that any citizen that disagrees with me has been ‘targeted and ridiculed,’ or that I have ‘made fun’ of tea-baggers.”) And it’s not as though Vice President Joe Biden dropped the same “tea-baggers” language with regard to gun-owners. It’s not as though in 2008, Obama labeled Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin a hog, stating, “you can put lipstick on a pig… it’s still a pig.” In fact, Hillary said in her book Hard Choices that the Obama campaign wanted to trot her out to attack Palin “for being a woman.”But no, only Trump is a vulgarian. All the rest of our politics is highbrow and respectful.

If you believe that, you’re a schmuck.

By the way, I had no idea of the meaning of what the term “tea-baggers” carried in the queer community until this came to light when Progressives started using it to degenerate people who were active in the Tea Party, and frankly I would have rather went the rest of my life without knowing that connotation.

Update: 12/24/2015 @ 07:10

I just came across this:

NPR Used ‘Schlonged’ to Describe Geraldine Ferraro in 2011

Talk of the Nation host Neal Conan was discussing the recent passing of Geraldine Ferraro, the first woman to be nominated for Vice President. Apparently, Cilizza did not object to the term “schlonged,” nor did NPR’s Mara Liasson:

CONAN: And Chris Cillizza, that ticket went on to get schlonged(ph) at the polls, but that’s a historic moment.

Mr. CILLIZZA: Absolutely historic moment, Neal, but as you point out, lost 49 states. The only state that that ticket won, which was led by Walter Mondale, was his home state of Minnesota. I would say it was historic in another way, not just that Geraldine was the first woman to be on a major party ticket, but my father, my Italian father, would be – would not be happy if I did not mention she was the first Italian-American also to be on a major party ticket.

So groundbreaking in its way, but one fascinating tidbit: We still don’t have a woman president, and we had a female, obviously, nominee, with Hillary Clinton, and she lost the nomination.

The inestimable David Martosko of the Daily Mail has a roundup of other examples of the term’s occasional use in a non-vulgar context, including by several major media outlets. The term derives from a Yiddish word for “penis.”


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  2. Maybe umbrage was too strong a word, but the current ‘pop’ world is a small subculture that does nor embrace the whole of America any more than the Hippy culture did. To assume that because it is used a lot in a small section of the population that their is a wider knowledge of the meaning, in my opinion, is a broad leap of faith.

    I am well read, both in current events, and history. But I do not read, along with most other people, the stuff put out by the likes of “MTV” or visit sites like “PopMatters”. So, even if you find schlong used a lot it does not extend to the general population knowledge base. Of course, even people like me, can interpret the meaning by the context in which it is use without ever having heard the word before.

    I wish you well, and am glad that you made the comment that you did, if I had the means I would conduct a survey on how many had ever head schlong before Trump used it, alas I am too limited in resources to do that, but I assure you that no one that I personally know had a clue as to what it meant before the MSM jumped on Trump for using it.

    Happy New Years.

  3. Generally speaking, the word schlong is often used in pop culture. I put together a list if you’re interested, Trump knew what he was saying and most American’s knew what he was saying. Donald Trump is sexist. Bill Clinton is a pervert. Hillary Clinton is an enabler. I hope none of them have a chance to live in the white house again.

    • “Trump knew what he was saying and most American’s knew what he was saying.”

      I do not doubt that Trump knew what he was saying, but I do take umbrage with the idea ‘most American’s knew’, there may be a large number who have a knowledge of what the word means, but most Americans do not even know what umbrage means, let alone what Schlonged means.

      • Sorry if I offended you, but I did do my research. I feel that the word schlong is used often enough in pop culture, and without explanation ordefinition, that people generally know what it means.

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