Another Act In The Race War?

Now to point out another blatant racial slant by the MSM, I am using Fox News for this example:
“Las Vegas police say that a woman intentionally drove her car onto a crowded Strip sidewalk multiple times Sunday night, killing at least one person and injuring 37 others, six of them critically. Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Lt. Dan McGrath said the woman in her 20s, whose name has not been publicly released, “went up and off these streets, two or possibly three times.” The woman is being interviewed and is having her blood drawn for a sobriety test, police said. She is being held in the Clark County Jail with charges pending.”

Whats racial about that you ask?

update-1 UPDATE 2:20 am EST Police Update: ♦ It was an intentional act. ♦ Driver is a black female in her 20’s who had 3-year-old toddler in vehicle. ♦ Vehicle registration Portland Oregon. ♦ Vehicle was 1996 Oldsmobile

All of those victimizes were white, attacked by a black person, had the races been reversed can you not just here the hooting and hollering about this being further proof of racist whited hatting poor black people. They are saying that it is not Terrorism, but, by Ned, I bet that it is just another manifestation of the Black’s War on Whites. bet you pennies to donuts that she is not charged with a hate crime.


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