Outrage Over Trump’s Muslim Ban

Time: 08:48 Hideout Log: Date 12/10/2015

Good morning to a frostless morning, but I could get used tom this global warming. May the Lord God IAUA bless us with enough this day.

Boy! All that hooting and holing about Trump’s outrageous (in their opinion) idea to temporarily restrict all Muslims from coming into America until a means of separation the wheat from the tarts is found. Unconstitutional! Un-American! They cried for days he is unhinged, he is disqualified from being President! And on and on, none stop until today. Coming from almost all of the Republican candidates, from the Speaker of the House, Dick Chaney, Obama, Hillary, all speaking with one voice, Trump is insane.

Bloomberg Politics Poll: Nearly Two-Thirds of Likely GOP Primary Voters Back Trump’s Muslim Ban

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