Truth As Well As Facts Are Open To Interpretation

A Facebook meme:

A Facebook meme:


The problem is that truth, like facts, are subject to interpretation, and are interpreted by one’s perception. No two people can perceive the same thing in the same way. Parallax, which is a displacement or difference in the apparent position of an object viewed along two different lines of sight, and is measured by the angle or semi-angle of inclination between those two lines, exist not only in vision but in experienced, no one can experience what another does, even of they are standing side by side at the same event.

A person’s past experiences shape how they will interpret current events and information. When ever you try to change another’s perspective you have to engage in a philosophical debate whether you call it that or not. A person perspective may or may not conform to reality, and it may over lap reality with some, or many, misconceptions.

Some people are so sure that thy see the truth as it really is that they cannot be reasons with, the word for this is ‘bigot’, that is a person with a closed mind in certain subjects. As far as being a Christian is concerned I am a bigot, my faith is not open to debate, I will not consider any argument to dissuade me of it.

Most socialist and communist, which I lump together under the term Progressives, are as bigoted as I am about my belief in Christ, on the way they see that the collective concerns should take priority over the individual. With them their can be meeting of the minds with people, like me, who believe that the individual, and his freedom to determiner his own way free of government intervention, The only solution they are willing to accept is government control over every aspect of the individual’s life.

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