Abusive Relationships


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This meme making its rounds on Facebook reminds me of this guy I met in Hawaii at a free client way back when, I had gotten a dose of the clap (gonorrhea for those unfamiliar with the term, it was my one and only time), and while waiting to see the Doc this guy struck up a conversation with be by asking why I was in the clinic. After telling the reason for my discomfort, and explaining further that it was the first time that I had ever been striking, he told me that this was his 7th time in to have a treatment for the clap in that last 2 months.

With an explanation in my voice I said, boy you sure have back luck picking women. He replied that it was from the same woman each time. Exasperated I asked why he did not tell her and bring her in for treatment? He said, in a low voice, if I do that she might stop putting out for me. About that time I was called in, got my shot, and never saw him again.

The point being that people who choose to stay in bad relation get something from the relation to make it worth their while.  Being outside of that relation we can only judge what we see through our eyes, not through the eyes of the ones within the relation.

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