False Equivalency vs True Equivalency

From the Immigration Wars:

In this battle to control the language of the debate the picture at the top is an example of a false equivalency, that is, equating being human with being legal regardless of if you are in the country legally or not. The picture on the bottom offers a true equivalency, that is, a person who comes into the country illegally is indeed illegal human being or animal.

The argument can be stated that no animal are illegal, but the ones smuggled into the country are. Being an animal or human is not in of itself illegal, but breaking the law to get into the country make man or animal illegal.


border-protest-AP-640x480 no-human-is-illegal-sign-immigration-rally-Reuters (1)

Picture  credits unknow

From Control the Language, Control the Debate

When issues come up that divide people upon what course of action should be decided upon each side attempts to pick the word(s) that define the issue. Both, as to how they wish to present their side, and how they wish to portray the other(s) side’s position(s). The first side to lay claim to the words use to tag the issues gain a huge advantage in presenting their arguments. Picking a slogan is an exercise in propaganda, the goal is to get people to accept your argument without thinking. Examples abound…

Also see the Evolution of Propaganda





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