Had Craig Stephen Hicks Been A Member of the KKK

From the Media Manipulation Files:

Had Craig Stephen Hicks been a member of the KKK, a Tea Party conservative, or hell just a Republican for that matter, the MSM would be shouting that to high heaven, it would be their wet dream come to life! Alas, he is a progressive, so expect the hullabaloo over it being racially motivated because his victims happen to be Muslims and the parking space disagreement just a lie devised to hide his real racist motive.

You do not expect them to run with this headline do you, “North Carolina Killer a Fan of the Southern Poverty Law Center“?

“The tragic slaying of three Muslim college students in North Carolina is dominating the headlines today. According to his Facebook page, the killer was a committed atheist and a political liberal. I think it’s very rarely helpful or fair to connect political beliefs to the acts of possibly deranged or mentally ill individuals, and thankfully some of the smarter liberal commentators such as Steve Benen agree with me on this point. And Benen was also correct to point out that some on the right have been too quick to point to politics as a motive for individual killings, such as when some conservatives engaged in overheated finger-pointing at New York’s liberal mayor Bill de Blasio after two NYPD officers were killed in December.”

Muslims on social media are already asking why there is not more coverage on the case, why there are not condemnations of this act and calling it terrorism. Richard Dawkins has already condemned it.

Guess they do not like it when they are picked out for death like so many Muslims pick non believers for death. I do not recall the Muslims asking other Muslims to have tolerance for those who want to draw Muhammad in a manner they do not care for. Killing over a cartoon is alrigh but killing over a parking space is terrorism.


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