A Divided Republic

Finally, Harry Reid is GONE !!

You will hear a lot of talk about how close most of the elections were last night, and how that goes to prove that we are a divided country. They will be talking about us being divided between voting for Democrats or Republicans, but that is not the divide, the true divide was apparent last night when they showed how the counties and precincts were voting. With few exception, the folks that lived in large cities were voting Democratic while the Republican vote was primarily from the rural parts of the states all across the Republic.

This is the true divide, city folks against country folks. Here in North Carolina Charlotte, Winston/Salem, and Reilegh went heavily for  Kay Hagan, while places like Rowan County, and the rest of the rural counties voted solidly for Thom Tillis. I am sure that the Progressive have noticed this just as plainly as I have, and will be modifying their game plan to get us to move into cities as they try to figure out how to Community Organize us country folks.

From Facebook:

Abby Normal

Dear Democrats, sorry for your loss. It was inevitable. It’s just time for another change. Sure, we know there have been 63 months of economic growth, a deficit reduced by two thirds, stock market at record heights, an unemployment rate that dropped from 10.2% to 5.9% (for my friends that watch Fox News, that means better), and gas prices are way down,….. but you know what, DEMONRATS!? (sic) People are getting tired of all that positive crap. Let’s turn this country around! (P.S. – This is comedy. Please don’t send me hate mail.)

My reply:

At the end of FY 2008 the debt was about $10 trillion, today’s Federal Debt is about $18 trillion, and you want to brag that the trillion dollar deficit has been cut by 2/3, bringing it to what it was in 2008?

The stock market at record heights because of the free money the Feds keep printing for the banks who lend it out at very low rates, they call it Quantitative Easements.

The unemployment rate that dropped from 10.2% to 5.9% b because people have dropped out of the workforce.  In June of 2009, the labor force participation rate was 65.7%, it is now at a 36-year low. People are leaving the workforce in record numbers, and it’s not all because Baby Boomers are retiring. Over half of those leaving the workforce have simply given up on finding a job, Down from 62.9% in July to 62.8% in August of 2014.

Gas prices are down in spite of the Democrats, not because of them. Fracking, which they have fought tooth and nail, and still will not allow on government land, is the reason gas prices are down. To keep gas prices up Obama has refused to allow the Keystone Pipeline from being built on behest of Progressives who oppose it.

It is obvious that a lot of Democrats voters have fallen hook, line and sinker for the Progressive’s propaganda. Please, if I am wrong in any of this assessment point out the error, and show me your proof.

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