300,000 or more fooled led by fools; Global Warming Hoax



From the Global Warming Hoax Department:

300,000 or more fooled led by fools. It’s all Global warming fault that we are going to have the “Coldest Winter in More Than 30 Years” last year.

Deja Vu Part Deux
By Todd Nelson

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can… I hope I can make it through this winter without going completely bat crazy. Even for the hardiest of Minnesotans, this continued Arctic nonsense can be a bit too much at times.

According to the National Weather Service, we have now just edged into the 10th coldest winter on record. This meteorological winter has been the coldest since 1979, which means that if you’re less than 35 years of age and have lived in Minneapolis your entire life, you have never experienced a winter as cold as the present!

Interestingly, the official snow depth observation from the Minneapolis Int’l Airport was 24″ last Friday making it the 5th highest snow depth on record during any meteorological winter day (December – February).

The seasonal snow tally so far this season is a generous 57.0″ and nearly 17″ above average to date. At this point, it appears that February will end on a very cold, but dry note, so as we continue to pad our cold weather stats, our snow stats will remain stagnant for the time being. Keep in mind that we’d have to get to 75.5″ to get into the top 10 for seasonal snows. March averages nearly 15″, stay tuned -Todd Nelson

And this winter that is getting ready to pounce is going to be even worse:

From the 2015 Old Farmer’s Almanac.

Winter is expected to be another cold one in the eastern half to two-thirds of the nation with above-normal temperatures, on average, in the West.

Snowfall will be above normal in most of the Northeast, although below normal in much of New England. Florida will have above-normal rainfall, while most of the southeastern and central states will have below-normal precipitation. We expect above-normal snowfall from eastern Arizona into the Big Bend of Texas and above-normal rainfall from parts of inland Washington into the northwest corner of Montana and just north of California’s Bay region. Other areas in the western third of the country, including most of California, should have below-normal precipitation.

I personal believe that its is going to be colder they expect, to start with we have we have 17 or more active volcano eruptions throughout the world as we speak, these eruptions put a lot of suspended particles into the air which reflects sunlight resulting in global cooling. Look up “The Year Without a Summer” to see one result of volcano eruptions.

Another concern I have in mind is the lack of sun spots. Here are four 2014 prognostications you won’t read about in the MSM. All forecasts of future sunspot activity made in 2014 will be scary low! A revised 400-year long sunspot record will erase the “Modern Maximum” By the end of 2014 the sun will be on its way to solar minimum Global cooling on Earth will finally start to show!!

Why? The sun is dramatically changing: Total sunspots are decreasing; The sun’s overall magnetic field is decreasing; Individual sunspot umbral fields are weakening. Solar sunspot counts make up the longest continuously recorded set of data in all of science. It was started by Galileo back in 1609 just after the invention of the telescope. It is a fundamental scientific dataset. Studies in many disciplines of science depend on its absolute accuracy.

It’s been known for decades that the sunspot record is flawed. Over the centuries changes in the way sunspots are counted by different astronomers have introduced inconsistencies into the record that need to be corrected. A group of solar physicists called the SSN Workshop was formed in 2011 to resolve the discrepancies. They have held 3 conferences since then. One important discrepancy is a counting change made in the 1940s. a new counting method added about 20% more spots to today’s counts than before the change was made. That error artificially created the “Modern Maximum“. There is no modern maximum. It is just a counting artifact!

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