How They Are Getting The Children Here, By Kidnapping?

Looking for the source of the runaway children coming across out birder I came across this:

CHILD THEFT: the real story behind the immigrant children

Jim Stone, July 8 2014

 Child Thieves are simply using a lie about trains to provide cover for the fact that they are actually stealing children from Central America and shipping them up to the U.S.A  on white buses and on regular air flights to trigger a social disaster.

The only children coming up are stolen and sent up by people operating to destroy America. Mothers are warning the children to stay away from white women who are working for charities and other so called “outreach programs” because once the children get involved with these people, they vanish.

There are no children on the trains AT ALL, no children walking the roads (I just spent 3,000 KM riding all the roads on a motorcycle and never saw a single child walking the roads, no packed rest areas, NOTHING. So if they are not on the trains, and nowhere to be seen on the roads, yet they are vanishing there is ONE ANSWER and it came directly from someone in Nicaragua:

An Ex-pat in Nicaragua blows the story wide open:

“During this research, I’ve been asking expats how ‘gringos’ are treated and a woman from Canada who is in Managua, Nicaragua replied back by email and said that this past 6 months or so, Nicaraguan mothers have been warning their kids to stay away from gringos, especially women and ESPECIALLY ones claiming to work for NGO’s or missionary types. Apparently, there have been a lot of “runaways” and young pregnant teens going missing and the locals there are ‘very suspicious’ that they’re being taken by these people. After thinking about it, I believe this would be a perfect plan – go to Central American countries, set up orgs to help children, once the kids are under their legal guardianship, they can then take them out of the countries and ship them to the US.”

This, in a single statement, says it all: The children are not leaving Central America on trains, they are being taken and shipped up to America by so-called “relief workers” who steal them and put them on buses and have them shipped directly up to America. There are no “trains of death” or huge waves of people walking the Mexican countryside, and Arturo himself, in the video, clearly states that the police would not tolerate having them on trains, so such an exodus is impossible.

The video I posted yesterday seems to have been taken over a year ago, as were the two following videos, Rx:

Why are these being presented as occurring today?  Why is no one going down into Central America and asking the children’s parents why they are allowing their kids to go off on such a trip along?

Here is the requirements Mexico puts upon children coming into Mexico:

Every traveler arriving in Mexico by air, regardless of age, is required to present a valid passport for entry into the country. Children who are not Mexican citizens are not required by the Mexican authorities to present any other documentation. Mexican citizens (including dual citizens of other countries) who are under 18 years of age and traveling unaccompanied by at least one parent will need to present proof of the parents’ authorization to travel. The authorization from the parents (required by law for Mexican nationals only) must be translated into Spanish and legalized by the Mexican embassy in the country where the document was issued.   Does my child need a passport to travel to Mexico?

Looking for who might be helping Obama in this stage of his implementation of Cloward and Piven’s Strategy  I found this:

Are you curious who has been facilitating the transport of illegal alien children throughout the country? Look no more… meet La Raza connected Southwest Key Programs. This organization is the pipeline for the children into US refugee camps and homes across the nation. They provide immigrant youth shelters. It is a well-oiled machine that was set up to educate and reintegrate youth into American society. They also provide training for jobs. And baby, they are hiring.

ACORN For Illegal Aliens – Meet The Southwest Key Programs

CNN and the rest of the Progressive Medea are adding and abetting, here is an example:

Banfield was speaking with the spokesperson for a group offering pro bono legal services to the hundreds of children from Central America seeking to enter the United States. After wrapping the interview, Banfield has words for people who are protesting how the government is handling the situation.

“For any you out there about to tweet me saying that I think immigration is just fine, and they should all be let over the border, stop right there. That’s not what this is about. If you’ve ever been in a war zone, and I have, and I have seen refugees pouring over borders, half their families murdered, the other half tortured, they’re running for their lives, many of them women and children, it is devastating. It’s devastating. And God help if you’re ever in need of help and you show up and there’s a bus telling you to get out. This is America. Just read what we’re about. Just, just read.”

Liberal website The Daily Banter first posted the story, offering uncritical applause. It was a reaction predicted on The O’Reilly Factor last night, when Rep. Louie Gohmert expressed his anger over liberals claiming the sole mantle of compassion in this situation.

CNN Anchor Unleashes Tirade Over People Protesting Buses of Illegal Immigrants

Be safe.


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