The Divide, America Political Fault Lines

We are a nation divided as this map shows:



Our divisions lays along two fault lines it seems: Comparing the 2010 mid term election results’ map at the lower left above to the population density to the right you can see that the higher the population density the more likely it was to go Democratic, conversely the lower the density the greater probability it would go for the Republicans.   Then compare the mid term election results’ map to the percentage of poor families receiving TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) the higher probability of it going Democratic.

Thus from studying these maps one can see that our opinions seem to be formed by where we live, dividing us along the lines of Cities verse Rural, and welfare receiver verse those who have to pay for the welfare.

Why do you suppose that this is?  And which side are you on?



Photos copyrights unknown.


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