There are three ways to look at history and they are: Accidental, Conspiratorial, and God’s Plan being implemented.  Here is a brief description of each:

Accidental History

Accidental History is the belief that all the events in history, and those going on today, are brought into existences by the random interaction of individual as they live their lives.  People organize themselves into groups to obtain goals that no individual can achieve.  These groups are brought into being by different means.  Zbigniew Brzezinski once wrote, “History is much more the product of chaos than of conspiracy … increasingly, policy makers are overwhelmed by events and information.”

Mutual need to hunt and gather led to the formation of tribes.  And then when mankind moved from a hunting society to an agricultural based existences their came a need to form armed forces to protect the new way of life from the old way of life.  That is those who still believed in the way of the hunt to make a living found easy picking in those who stored food and goods in one place.

A strong man can cohere weaker men to obey his dictates, and use those men to force more men to follow his will.  This mechanism gave rise to the likes of Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar.  Cities sprung up to afford the people the protection of the around the keep of the early strong man, around the walls of the fort or castle.  With the grouping of people specialization in labor started to happen.

Instead of the tribe doing everything with its on members, and if they could not do it, it was not done.  All wealth belonged to the tribe and the individual was at the mercy of its dictates.  If the tribe decided someone was a deviant they were force from the tribe to live or die, mostly die, as best they could.  But with the rise of the cities and the use of trade to obtain thing you could not provide for yourself the individual started to have the means to stand apart from the tribe or strong man.

How some people found that they were better at doing certain things then were other people, or that they just would do something that others would rather pay for them to do instead of doing it for themselves.  Now we found ourselves with boot makers, candle makers, tailors, farmers, butchers, and so forth and so on.  This specialization in labor gave rise to money for barter could not sustain a very high level of  specialization for taking in a pig, or a chicken for a hat, or coat would turn the tailor into a farmer and require more and more of his time to care for his livestock.

Money is nothing more than a symbol, a symbol of the worth of goods produced or service preformed.  At first we thought that the value was in the medium of exchange itself, i.e., gold and silver.  But to limit our trade to the amount of gold and silver available to trade for other goods and services limits the amount of goods and services that can be exchanged.  However, it took a long time for us in the west (the Chinese did it back in Kublai Kong’s time) to develop a money divorced form metal.  The first step was to use things like a tote stick.  As Glyn Davies said in his Origin of Banking and Money, “Money originated very largely from non-economic causes: from tribute as well as from trade, from blood-money and bride-money as well as from barter, from ceremonial and religious rites as well as from commerce, from ostentatious ornamentation as well as from acting as the common drudge between economic men.”


Conspiratorial History

Why am I discussing money in a description of the Theory of Accidental History?  Well because it leads me into the next theory of history, and that is the Theory of Conspiratorial History.  It was the Knight Templar that first used paper to transport gold from one place to another.  People going to the Holy Land faced many hazard, their ship could sink, bandits could rob them, or the Muslims could take their gold if they had to carry it on their persons.

What the Knight Templar would do is let a pilgrim come into one of their castle and drop their gold off in return for a receipt for the gold which would redeem the same amount of gold from a Knight Templar in the Holy Land.  Of course they did this for a fee.  They got a special dispensation from the Catholic Church to be exempt from the Bible’s condemnation of usury in 1129.  Then in 1307 on a Friday the 13th (been considered unlucky ever since) King Phillips IV of France call the Templars in for a meeting from all over Europe, arrested them, tortured them and burned many of them at the stake.

Some of the Conspiratorial believers think that the survivors Knight Templar went on into hiding and form the Freemasons.  It is held that the Freemasons recruit and nurture into power people who will further their goals of world domination.  They point to the fact that many of our Founding Fathers, such as Benjamin Franklin, James Madison and George Washington were Freemasons; as well 14 of our Presidents have been Freemasons.

Freemasons are not the only forces seen as directors of our history, there is the Skull and Cross Bones to whom the Bushes belong to at Yale from Prescott on down to W.  Skull and Bones has been dominated by about two dozen of the country’s most prominent families—Bush, Bundy, Harriman, Lord, Phelps, Rockefeller, Taft, and Whitney among them.  Bilderberger David Rockefeller is not only the founder of the Council of the Americas; he was also a founder of the Trilateral Commission. Rockefeller had this to say in his Memoirs:

“For more than a century, ideological extremists at either end of the political spectrum have seized upon well-publicized incidents such as my encounter with Castro to attack the Rockefeller family for the inordinate influence they claim we wield over American political and economic institutions. Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring to build a more integratedglobal political and economic structure—one world, if you will. Ifthat is the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it. 

George Bush has also on numerous occasions been referred to as a Freemason.  The confusion as to President Bush being a member arises from the swearing in ceremonies at his inauguration. President Bush took his oath of office on the George Washington Bible which belongs to St. Johns Lodge in New York City. Because the Bible belonged to a Masonic Lodge many writers assumed he was a Freemason. The Bible was used at the request of the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies.  Franklin D. Roosevelt who certainly saw many monumental events occur during his consecutive administrations has been quoted as saying: “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, it was planned that way.”

More prominent on the list of those who conspire to determine history are the Illuminati.  The Illuminati began as a secret society under the direction of a Jesuit-trained university professor. On May 1, 1776, a council of five men, one for each of the points on the pentagram, formed what was called “The Ancient and Illuminated Seers of Bavaria.” They were high order Freemasons (Luciferian), thoroughly immersed in mysticism and eastern mental disciplines like the Siddhi’s of Pantanjali. They deal with developing the super-powers of the mind. But, beware, the conclusion if you practice diligently, is that you are a god (Genesis 3). Their alleged plan and purpose is world domination for their lord. They are alleged to be behind the primary motivational forces encouraging Global Governance, a one-world religious ethic, and centralized control of the world’s economic systems (the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank). It was their plan that, in order to enforce their encroaching “governance” plan, they would require a Global Military force (U.N. Peacekeepers) and a World Court to prosecute all who oppose them (The International Criminal Court). This would all be accomplished by brainwashing the gullible masses through control and manipulation of beliefs, the means of production, the press, educational curriculum, and political leadership of the nations.

Remember when at the close of my description of the Theory of Accidental History I ask, “Why am I discussing money in a description of the Theory of Accidental History?”  Well it is through money that the Conspiratorial work their will upon society at large.  The rich and powerful do not become rich and powerful then decide to become a member of the conspirators.  No the conspirators pick them from an early age and make them rich and powerful to work their will upon the world.

Lincoln was not a freemason, “Lincoln was wont to describe the men opposing his greenback currency policy as ‘the secret foes of the nation.’ The battle between Lincoln and the sound money men of the day was well known. In 1864 he was elected on a platform that contained a plank declaring for national currency. “Lincoln was the most powerful reformer of his day. Had he lived he would have established a national currency system in the United States. “I have two great enemies,” Lincoln once said,“the southern army in front of me and the financial institutions in the rear. Of the two, the one in the rear is the greatest enemy.” (quoted from This Difficult Individual, Ezra Pound, by Eustace Mullins)



Corroborative Evidence By Gerald G McGeer The following article and editorial taken from the Vancouver Daily Province of May 2, 1934, gives further light on the subject treated in this book.

OTTAWA, May 2, 1934 (CP)-Abraham Lincoln, the martyred emancipator of the slaves, was assassinated through the machinations of a group representative of the international bankers, who feared the United States President’s national credit ambitions-and the plot was hatched in Toronto and Montreal. This was the information imparted to the House of Commons committee on banking and commerce Tuesday by Gerald G. McGeer, K. C., Vancouver lawyer and advocate of social credit, during a five-hour attack upon the present financial system.

“The evidence discloses that instead of being a patriot, John Wilkes Booth, who assassinated Lincoln in a Washington theatre, was a mercenary,” Mr. McGeer declared. Basing his beliefs upon an exhaustive study of unexpurgated copies of the evidence given by secret service agents at Booth’s trial, he declared the only group that could benefit by Lincoln’s death and who had the money to carry out such a plan, was the international bankers.

“The South worshipped Lincoln and looked upon him as the only one who would secure them justice in defeat. If they wished to kill him they had splendid opportunities and could have secured a thousand who would do the job,” McGeer said.

Hatched in Canada

“According to the evidence given at the trial, the plot to assassinate Lincoln was first disclosed in Montreal and Toronto,” Mr. McGeer said. “A group of men representing- the Confederacy were operating in Canada with headquarters in those cities. During the winter of 1864 and 1865 they were approached by an unknown group with the proposition to assassinate Lincoln.

“They were not from the South nor connected with the Southern government, because representatives of the South in Canada hesitated to consider the proposal until it had been submitted to the South for approval.

“Booth was engaged to organize the assassination. It was proposed to the Southern government as a plot to kidnap Lincoln and hold him as a hostage for the purpose of bargaining for terms of settlement.

Cost No Factor

“In accordance with this plan a request was made to confer commissions in the Southern army upon those who were to engage in the actual kidnapping or assassination of Lincoln.”

“The men responsible for instigating the crime were unknown, but in evidence given at the trial they were described as a group which could undertake anything without regard to cost. “Booth was never a Southern patriot in the real sense. He was never in the Southern army, and one of his associates was a deserter from that army.”, shortly before Lincoln was assassinated one of the men engaged by Booth declared that he was going away on a visit and that he would return with plenty of gold.”

“Lincoln was wont to describe the men opposing his greenback currency policy as ‘the secret foes of the nation.’ The battle between Lincoln and the sound money men of the day was well known. In 1864 he was elected on a platform that contained a plank declaring for national currency. “Lincoln was the most powerful reformer of his day. Had he lived he would have established a national currency system in the United States. ” There was only one group in the world at that time who could finance anything they cared to attempt without regard to cost, and who had any reason to desire the death of Lincoln.”

“They were the men opposed to his national currency programme (sic) and who had fought him throughout the whole Civil War on his policy of green-back currency.”

“They were the men interested in the establishment of the gold standard system and the right of the bankers to manage the currency and credit of every nation in the world.”

“With Lincoln out of the way they were able to proceed with that plan and did proceed with it in the United States. Within eight years after Lincoln’s assassination silver was demonetized and the gold standard money system set up in the United States.”

“Once a nation parts with the control of its currency and credit, it matters not who makes the laws.

“Usury once in control will wreck any nation.”

“Until the control of the issue of currency and credit is restored to government and recognized as its most conspicuous and sacred responsibility, all talk of the sovereignty of Parliament and of Democracy is idle and futile.”

The Right Honourable W.L.MacKenzie King,
Prime Minister of Canada (1934)

“The Congress shall have Power… To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures…”


But Congress totally abrogated this constitutional power and responsibility in 1913 with the adoption of the Federal Reserve System. Yet the first major triumphs of the money power in America came much earlier – first with the first and second Banks of the United States (defeated by Jefferson and Jackson respectively) – and then with the National Banking Acts of the 1860’s. Though the Treasury still coins and prints our money under the authority of Congress, neither the Treasury nor the Congress has the slightest thing to do with its issue or regulating the value thereof. That’s done exclusively by the Federal Reserve.  While the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, and the board itself, are quasi-government entities, they aren’t answerable to Congress, and the Federal Reserve Banks themselves (Our so-called “central bank”) are privately owned and operated—and, they are not not-for-profit organizations. Federal Reserve Notes are now our “legal tender”. The controversy is whether private bankers should have a profitable monopoly on the issue of our currency, charging our government (us), interest on every dollar issued and circulating, or should the government itself issue currency, interest free, solely on its own ample authority? The Constitution gives Congress the exclusive authority to do so.

The thing about the actors in this conspiracy is that they do not do anything illegal. The Federal Reserve System is a good example of this.  Everything is legal. They’re stealing your money and mine legally.  Look at all the tax money that is going into bailing out the banks.  It is not the money that the owners of the 12 reserve banks earn on their investment, it is the power that they gain via the banks system that has been removed for the government and placed into private hands that point to a conspiracy.

The conspirators play both sides in every conflict, their drive is for money and the power that money brings to them, their goal is to control the world through one government.  They start wars and end wars; they create governments and destroy them.  It really seems to me that we are in the process of an attempt to change the type of government that runs the U. S. into one that control it, and every aspect of its citizen’s lives

God’s Plan Being Fulfilled

At this point I will go into the Theory of God’s Plan Being Fulfilled.  We must remember that the real enemies are spiritual in nature, not forgetting that these things shall come to pass! A one-world government is prophesied in the Bible. God has sovereignty and not allowed all these developments, designed them into His overall plan. There will be increasing desolation and tribulation in the decades to come, and the people of God will be terribly persecuted before the great and terrible Day of the Lord. Already, more persecution and martyrdom of faithful Christians and Jews has taken place in the last century than in all previous centuries combined.

Just as God directed the heart of Pharaoh to employ Joseph to be the second highest ruler under himself only, and then harden the heart of another Pharaoh to let Moses show the might of God, God will work his will to direct the hearts of the conspirators.   God’s will will be done whether you see history (His Story) as Accidental or Conspiratorial.


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