Man Made Ocean Acidification

Man Made Ocean Acidification I have spent the morning education my self on ocean acidification, which I believe will the Alarmists will shift there attack on man made co2 as the warming that they have claimed to be caused by out increase in generating co2 fails to be materialized. The argument will go like this: “Apparently the ocean is more acidic now than any time in the last 650,000 years. According to the Wikipedia entry on ocean acidification, the basic numbers are as follows: Between 1751 and 1994 surface ocean pH is estimated to have decreased from approximately 8.179 to 8.104, a change of −0.075 on the logarithmic pH scale which corresponds to an increase of 18.9% in H+ (acid) concentration. By the first decade of the 21st century however, the net change in ocean pH levels relative pre-industrial level was about -0.11, representing an increase of some 30% in “acidity” (ion concentration) in the world’s oceans.” One must ask just how they know what the ocean’s pH was 650,000 was 650,000 years ago, as the concept of pH was first introduced by Danish chemist Søren Peder Lauritz Sørensen at the Carlsberg Laboratory in 1909 and revised to the modern pH in 1924 to accommodate definitions and measurements in terms of electrochemical cells. So the earliest measurements of any pH would be in 1924, and it is highly unlikely that they went imminently to check what the oceans’ was. They claim that an estimated 30–40% of the carbon dioxide released by humans into the atmosphere dissolves into oceans, rivers and lakes. My question to you is does this not undermine the contention that it is man’s induced co2 into the atmosphere that is causing the world to heat up? It is well know that 96.6% of the co2 put into the air is from natural causes such as volcanoes eruptions, vented from the earth by cracks, and by earthquakes. That leave 3.4% that man adds to the total, and if if 35% (I split the difference) of that 3.4% is going into the water that leaves only 2.21% of atmospheric co2 is put there by the means of men. The argument is made that because the stop of any measured global warming , oops, climatic disruption, over 17 years ago it has remained at record highs with no predicable drop that the warming is just a pause and not a cessation. However that is true if you only consider the last few hundred years of temperature records but actually, the real unprecedented warming (and extreme climate change) happened well before the industrial agehere is the link to the Historical Temperatures – Charts/Graphs. So, if the rise in temperature does not pan out for the Alarmists watch for the argument to shift from climatic disruption, to, “We have to save the oceans from our co2, stop using fossils fuel!” It is not that I do not believe that they oceans are acidifying, as they well maybe, but I just do not accept that man’s piddling 1.18% addition above what nature is adding all on its own is the cause of chance in the oceans pH/ Here are two link to the Alarmist argument on man caused ocean acidification: As the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere increases, it is making the oceans more acidic, in a phenomenon known as ocean acidification. This in turn can hurt calcareous organisms such as shellfish and coral reefs. “We are dumping carbon in the atmosphere and ocean at a much higher rate today—within centuries,” said study coauthor Richard Zeebe, a paleoceanographer at the University of Hawaii. “If we continue on the emissions path we are on right now, acidification of the surface ocean will be way more dramatic than during the PETM.” Update: Here are the primary sources of natural CO2 release in decreasing order of quantity of carbon emitted: oceanic release, microbial decay, insect activity, frozen terrestrial release; volcanic release; forest fire and then mammalia exhalations and emissions – summing to a total of ~325-485 petagrams. Then there is our ~2.0% anthropogenic release at ~8-9 petagrams. (Based on terrestrial sources alone, without oceans, anthropogenic release is ~3-4% of the natural flux. Some argue that the oceans are net absorbers and ignore the oceanic release estimate below. However, according to the argument presented herein the oceans are net emitters as indicated below when warmed by ~0.5oC per century).

Interglacial estimates come from my notes of IPCC, NASA and NOAA web-sites of 2005 and 2006, when these sites carried detailed analysis of natural CO2 emission sources. Terrestrial estimates of CO2 emission place the anthropogenic contribution at ~3-4%. The annual oceanic release estimate above is modeled (from laboratory experiment by NOAA) and would arise only if and when the oceans begin to follow a 0.5oC per century temperature rise profile (as they most likely have been). Thermal modulations to all non-human emission can be expected to be quite large (up to 2X and more at the extremes of global temp). The only value that can be estimated with high accuracy is the anthropogenic contribution which is far less than both the uncertainty and, most importantly, the variability of many of the natural emission sources.



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