Origins of Political Correctness And Cliven Bundy

Today I am posting this video of Bill Whittle explaining the Frankfurt Fabian’s success in projecting Political Correctness as a means to brainwash and instill what they believe will “Fundamentally Change” American into the Great Society that they envision for us.

As you listen to him explain how they pick and choose the narrative the MSM will project as important think of Cliven Bundy. Why? Because they desperately want to change the narrative from one of a rancher fight the mammon demands of the BLM, thus they have seized upon his remarks about slaves to change the focus from his fight with the expanding demands with the BLM has used to run all the other ranchers in his county out of the ranching business into one of a Black hatting Mormon who deserves no sympathy regardless of the justness of his cause.

This is not about racism any more than the land grab was about turtles or grazing fees. This, imo, is the implementation of UN’s Agenda 21 to move the people off of the land and into cities. Thus the unification of a broad electorate, behind Cliven Bundy resistance is a risk that must be “nipped in the bud”, to use Deputy Barney Fife’s words.




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