The Zeitgeist Of Our Time

The Zeitgeist Of Our Time

This bit of sophomoric is being passed around on Facebook to blame men for the irrsponability that has led to the family breakdown. I have not done a complete analysis here, maybe another day, but I explain that men’s behavior in today’s world can be directly attributed to Progressive government policies.

Things have changed since the ’50s when men behaved the way this has said they should still behave. What has changed them? Government policies, that is what. It used to be shameful to behave in the manner this says boys behave, the progressives have worked hard to remove shame as a concept in today’s society. That is why the stupid issuing food stamps and made it an EBT card so no one will know if you are on the dole or not.

The move to make enacting no fault divorce in the states may have been a god send for a few batters women, but it has wrecked havoc on the institution of marriage leading to way too many children living in a broken home just because the parents “grew apart” from one another. Removing the shame of out of wedlock children also has been instrumental in changing the way women look at the risk of getting pregnant during a one night stand or a brief affair. Women are as much to blame, if not more, as men in having children without a father to care for them.

Progressives have changed government policies, in the name of compassion, to make a man irrelevant in a woman’s life. She can get pregnant with any number of men, get Section 8 housing, AFDC see that she and her children will be fed until the youngest turns 18. She will also get welfare payments such as food stamps, TANF allowances, that go above and beyond AFDC, grants to go to school and free daycare. Things that a working family would have to pay for or go without. One of my nieces raised 5 kids this way, each with a different father.

Now ask yourself if you are made irrelevant to the process why should you participate? These, those the post call boys, are a product of their time, they are the whirlwind we are reaping after sowing in the wind of letting the government do it for you. The Zeitgeist of our time, but women carries as big a burden for the change as men do.

A girl will screw a boy that make her with child and leave her to raise it, a woman will not have sex with such a boy. A girl will rely upon the government to take care of her and her children, a woman will look for a man that will do it and not have babies until she finds him. Girls screw around until they make a baby, a woman does not sleep around, but waits for the one who will do right by her and their children.

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