Vice President Biden said new voter ID laws in North Carolina, Alabama and Texas were evidence of “hatred” and “zealotry” during a Black History Month event at the Naval Observatory on Tuesday.  Biden: New voter ID laws tied to ‘hatred.

That being the case, what is the drive to make everyone entering a Federal Building, or Facility, fly on an airplane, or drive an automobile have a Federally approved ID card that can be scanned into their system each time you are required to produce it.  You cannot pick up your prescriptions without showing an approved ID, a VA ID will not cut it.

Why is it that the Progressives see being required to show an ID to vote as racists, but none of the other requirements as race neutral?  They claim that the time and expense of getting an ID to show at the poll puts an undue financial hardship on the poor.  I am sure that there are people like Thelma Mitchell of Nashville, Tenn.  When Thelma Mitchell, a retired state employee, learned that her old employee ID (which was issued by the state and included her photo) wouldn’t meet Tennessee’s new voter ID law, she went to a motor vehicle office to obtain a valid photo ID. The agency asked her for a birth certificate, but she didn’t have one and was denied her request for a new ID.  Mitchell, 93, has never had a birth certificate. She wasn’t born in a hospital and was delivered by a midwife, in Alabama in 1918. Birth certificates, particularly for African-Americans in the South, weren’t regularly generated at the time. As a result, Mitchell may not be able to vote this year for the first time in decades.”I got so mad” about being turned away, Mitchell said in an interview. “I was holding my peace to keep from telling him off. So I didn’t get to vote.”   Why NewPhoto ID Laws Mean Some Won’t Vote

Everything comes with a price, to stop all of those who vote in the dead’s place, their old mother or dad, aunt or uncle who does not get out of the house and does not care one way or the other, this may be the price.  It will also stop people from registering under more than one name.

Beginning in January 2014, there will be 27 states that will require a passport for entry into federal buildings and all commercial flights, no matter their destination. The change stems from the 2005 “Real ID” law, which went into effect in 2008. The bill paved the way for a universal identification system across the country, but several states have opted out of the program.

State Progress (updated 2/7/2014)

Compliant States/Territories: DHS provided a list of 21 states currently found to have met the standards of the REAL ID Act of 2005 for driver’s licenses and identification cards. These states are Alabama, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, Mississippi, Nebraska, Ohio, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

Extensions: DHS also announced that 21 states/territories—Arkansas, California, District of Columbia, Guam, Idaho, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, New Hampshire, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia and the Virgin Islands—will receive a compliance extension based on their movement toward full compliance. Licenses from these states will be accepted for federal purposes during the extension period. These extensions will expire on Oct. 10, 2014 and can be renewed.

States/Territories not in Compliance: There are 14 states/territories—Alaska, American Samoa, Arizona, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Montana, New Jersey, New York[i], Northern Marianas Islands, Oklahoma and Washington[ii]—currently in a noncompliance status. These jurisdictions can be granted an extension in the future if they are deemed to be moving toward full compliance
The following enforcement measures are cumulative, with measures in each phase remaining in effect through successive phases. Each phase will begin with a 3-month period where agencies will provide notice to individuals attempting to use driver’s licenses or identification cards from noncompliant states but still allow access. After this period is over, agencies will no longer accept such identification for entry to Federal facilities, and individuals will need to follow the agency’s alternate procedures (to be made available by the agency).

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