Have you ever wanted to,
But just can’t?
The desire would come to you,
But every effort you take, you recant.
Walk to the phone, go get in the car,
Sit there contemplating
Then turn around and go play the guitar,
Or maybe boozing instead.
Sometimes when I want to do this
Or maybe that
It is my won’t to remiss
And a non-starter being my where at.
Some days it is just better to hide,
Find a hole and climb in.
No effort can I abide,
Each attempt sends me in a spin.
No reason for the funk,
Other than what’s built day by day,
Just a lot of piled up junk
That leaves you wanting to stay out of the fray.
“I just don’t give a shit”,
Are the words that come to mind,
Though I might not admit,
When asked to explain my resign.
Happily am I to report to you,
My dear friends, that this is a state
That I normally eschew,
So please do not give this much weight,
And it is a place, I am sure,
That you know as well as I.
Sometimes it has its allure
And to it, like a moth to a flame, we fly.
If it does not kill us,
Well you know the rest of that line.
Bullshit, for in the end we are all dust,
It is in our design.
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