Life runs its course
All so smooth and straight
Predictable from day to day
Then a turning.
A parting of the ways,
A change in the way
Things no longer the same
In the blink of an eye.
In sadness for the old
Looking to the joy of the new.
The prayers for the dead
Are for the living.
Expectation change to the new
As the new sets
Up housekeeping
Not only in the heart,
But in the house.
The new rearranges
And replaces the old
As it makes itself to home.
The home shrinks then grows,
Animals come and go,
To better homes
Where love abounds.
The chickens make eggs
The horse eats their hay
The hound howl at the moon
And I await my love.
Though I made my deal,
And made my promise,
I will not expect
Any more than I will get.
My life takes another turn
From the old
Into the new
One day at a time.
Deal with the Devil
And you never win,
Deal with life
And you always die.
Born into sin
Sentence to death,
Only Love can take you beyond,
A Love beyond understanding.
A love that transients
Both the old and the new,
A Love that binds,
A Love that mends.
A Love beyond the grave
A Love for the living
A living Love
That makes life worth living.
Contentment is fleeting
By its very nature
But happiness is attainable
And can last a lifetime.
But happiness is not guaranteed
Just its pursuit, and in its pursuit
It may be found
By just following the path.
From the old into the new
Day by day
One step at a time
Until the old becomes the new.
And loss of contentment drive
Me from the complacent
To seek what may be found
And take my Love by the hand.
Love is blind and hears
Not a harsh word
It sees no blemish
And finds no fault.
It is happy in of itself
And needs not the object
Of it desires to thrive.
Hope is enough to keep it alive.
Hope, the last of the Virtues
To die, and the first to resurrect.
Long suffering, it feeds love
Through all famine.
Hope shield Love from all abuse
Hope lets Love grow in the
Stoniest of grounds,
And Hope keeps Faith alive.
Faith that the loved will reciprocate,
Faith that Love will bring happiness home,
Faith that the old will turn into the new,
And Love is forever renewed.
Time move on
Turning the new into the old
Mixing and blinding
Love, Hope Faith, and Happiness.
Different apportions
At different times
More Hope one time,
More Happiness another
Sometimes despair
That the old will never become new
But then sometimes
A turning, and all things seem anew.
Hope in its grave
Spring to life
Watering Love with its tears,
And unspoken sobs.
Tomorrow will bring
What it will bring,
But today there was a turning.
A turning away from the old.
Change is as eternal
As the same old, same old.
Change mixes and confuses
And spawns the new.
Bringing new choices,
Forcing new decisions.
Change will leave you alone
For a while.
I become complacent
Forbearing in fear
That it would never change,
And it may change back.
Only the living will tell,
And the tell will be told
Day by day
Choice by choice by choice.
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