Now that Obama is back from his $4 million Hawaii vacation he is launching into his, “I Hate Income Inequality” mode and try to reignite class warfare in the US to help elect more Progressives to office. You will not hear him speak of the extremely poor job market that his policies have given birth to, nor of how ObamaCare is also strangling small businesses, but you will hear a lot of talk about extending the time in which you can collect unemployment, and how the minimum wage should be raised.

Yesterday I heard him say, to paraphrase, “I never met a person who would rather take unemployment over the pride of earning it with a job…” Well, I have come across more than a few who were in employment that had job offers, but, wisely from their standpoint, would not take them for they would lose money if they did. I cannot speak to everyone on long term employment, but I know that there are jobs that are looking for workers that would rather take unemployment of welfare then take them.

I have been the recipient of unemployment insurance two times in my life, the first time when I was discharged from the Marines, the second when a company I was working for downsized and laid me, along with a lot others, off. MY benefit expert that time before I was able to find a new job, and there was no talk of an extension. Then I was fired for having been convicted of a DWI and could not draw unemployment as the state considered that being fired for cause (long story), and I had to make do as best I could until I found my next job.

I tell you all of this to show that I am not without empathy for those who are out of work, but nevertheless I do not think that the taxpayers owe them an extension. There are other sources of help than the government, i.e., the taxpayer, such as families, friends, churches, etc., oh but I forgot, the government has been hard at work for the last century to take these roles away from the people and make you dependent upon government whenever you need help.


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