Warrior of the Ages

Picture © Unknown

He is the warrior of the ages
He looks to his leaders
For direction
And control.
He was raised the way he is
To believe in God and Country
His Country
Right or Wrong.
He trusts his government
To direct him right,
But he don’t care
He just loves to fight.
For Duty and Honor
The Glory part he mostly forgets
When the bullets start to fly,
But he will not let his comrades down.
His first firefight is like
The first time he was drunk
Swore he would never
Do that again,
But yet he raised this cup
Again and again
Drinking and fighting
Is the name of his game.
Though in time he may
Put his cup down
He will never lay down arms,
For he will fight till the end of time.
It is in his genes,
Passed down from
Time in memorial
He was bred to fight.
He will find a way to believe
His side is right,
And even if he don’t
He will fight.
He loves it,
He may regret it later,
May stress and dream
Bad dreams.
But mostly he does not,
He will not change
No mater how many
Songs are sung.
Saying that he
Is the Universal Soldier
And he really is
The one to blame.


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