Another battle front in the war on blacks against whites”According to the New York Post, the “wild flash mob” of “crazed teens” stole and smashed merchandise and beat up security guards at Kings Plaza Shopping Center between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. The teens reportedly used social media to “plan the mass looting” and may have thought the rapper Fabulous would be performing at the mall. They then bragged about their thuggery, some of which was caught on video and distributed via social media. One person wrote, “Teens rioting at Kings Plaza. They just shut the mall DOWN… Rowdy teens fighting and running through out the mall. It was crazy!!!” There were reportedly no arrests.”

You would not know it from the report but all of the “crazed teens” were black thugs, and the one that got the knockout were white. I would advise all the shoppers in New York to go armed, but New York will not let them carry!


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