What is unfair?

Circumstance of birth
Grants or denies favoritism.
What is our just desert?
Is it fair to be a woman
Instead of a man?
What did the child do
To deserve a rich family?
Oh when we whine,
“Life is so unfair”
On what scale
Do we make that appraisement?
And what do we weigh
Our life against to declare
Life is so unfair.
Is it fair to be an American
And not an Iranian?
Did the American Indian
Treat the ones who came
Before them fairly?
Or are whites the
Ones unfair?
Does another’s love for you
Demand reciprocity?
What about your love for another?
Is it fair to love someone
Who does not love you?
How do you judge
What is fair?
If it is fair to keep your word.
And is fair to not deceive,
Then a liar treats
Other unfairly.
If it is fair to keep what is yours
Then a theft treats
Other unfairly.
It is fair to honor a contract,
Unfair to break it.
But just what is a contract
Other then an agreement?
This for that
But not tit for tat.
That is revenge.
Is it fair to enforce
A broken contract?
Or does it depend upon
The nature of the agreement?
When, “I love you forever”
Turns into, “I can’t stand you!”
Just what is the recourse?
If the agreement is
Your dog for my cat
You take the cat
But I don’t get the dog
Then you stole from me
And that is unfair.
It’s to the Courts I go
Pressing charges
Seeking redress
And even sometimes
Taking the course of last resort
Of taking the law
Into my own hands.
Again I ask you
What is unfair?
Is it just the disappointment
Of an expectation,
Or is it more than that?
For the rain does fall
On the just and unjust alike.

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