U.S. Army seeks removal of Lee, ‘Stonewall’ Jackson honors

In the Washington Times, 12/18/2013:

Southern Discomfort: U.S. Army seeks removal of Lee, ‘Stonewall’ Jackson honors


Revisionist history would remove portraits of Confederate legends

It seems that the war college is conducting an inventory of all its paintings and photographs with an eye for rehanging them in historical themes to tell a particular Army story. “During the inventory, an unidentified official — not the commandant, Maj. Gen. Anthony A. Cucolo III — asked the administration why the college honors two generals who fought against the United States, college spokeswoman Carol Kerr said. ‘I do know at least one person has questioned why we would honor individuals who were enemies of the United States Army,’ Ms. Kerr said. ‘There will be a dialogue when we develop the idea of what do we want the hallway to represent.’”


“This person was struck by the fact we have quite a few Confederate images,” she said, adding that the portraits were rehung on a third-floor hallway. “[Lee] was certainly not good for the nation. This is the guy we faced on the battlefield whose entire purpose in life was to destroy the nation as it was then conceived. … This is all part of an informed discussion.”

Well that is one way to look at it, another would be that the object was to leave the Union that they has voluntarily joined and the North, by force of arms, was preventing them from doing so.

The story goes on to point out that in 1975, Congress enacted a joint resolution reinstating Lee’s U.S. citizenship in what could be considered a final act to heal Civil War wounds. The resolution praised Lee’s character and his work to reunify the nation. It noted that six months after surrendering to Gen. Ulysses S. Grant, Lee swore allegiance to the Constitution and to the Union.


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