You know I was reading hear a while back that having a sex addiction is to no longer be consider a disorder, rather it has been move to the spectrum range of normal behavior. Glad to know I am normal, but that aside I got to wondering as to why they would decide to call this a normal behavior and at the same time nave the new psychiatric manual of mental disorders greatly expanding what they call mental illness, even grieving soon after a loved one’s death can now be considered major depression.

Looking for an explanation it occurred to me that homosexual behavior may be the reason for the changing sexual addiction from a disorder to normal behavior. As a whole the homosexual population, married or otherwise, seek out sex with strangers at a much greater rate than do straight. One study in San Francisco showed that 43 percent of male homosexuals had had more than 500 sexual partners. Seventy-nine percent of their sexual partners were strangers. Only 3 percent had had fewer than ten sexual partners. Lesbians, in contrast, are less promiscuous than male homosexuals but more promiscuous than heterosexual women: One large study found that 42 percent of lesbians had more than ten sexual partners. A substantial percentage of them were strangers.

So then could it be that the reason for the change of heart about sexual addition is a further move to make those who chose a homosexual life appear normal and not a bunch of sick whackos?

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