I Was just reading that German scientists are saying that Solar Cycle 24 points to a Dalton or Maunder like minimum, boding ill for a climate cooling.  For those of you who do not know what a Maunder Minimum is I will tell you.  It refers to the number of sunspots appearing on the face of the sun.  There was this dude, Edward Walter Maunder, an English astronomer who was studying the number of sunspots recorded in the past, and he correlated a lack of recorded sunspots to the period from 1645 to 1715 that is now known as the Maunder Minimum, aka, The Little Ice Age.

“The Maunder minimum is the name given to a period of extreme solar inactivity that occurred between 1645 and 1710. Of particular interest is that this period of inactivitycorresponds closely to one of the coldest periods of the so-called “Little Ice Age” in Europe , a time of long, cold winters that caused severe hardships in the pre-industrial revolution world. This has led scientists to extensively study the possible influences of solar activity on terrestrialclimate, as well as examine other stars for evidence of activity cycle behavior similar to the Sun ‘s.”  Source

Now it seems that the number of sunspots has severely decreased here of late, and if the correlation turns out to be causeation we are in for a some much colder weather until the sun decides to start making more spots.  Don’t think for a minute that the Global Warming Alarmists will stop harping on co2 being the boggy man that we have to curtail to save the world, no not on your life!  They will claim that the natural cooling caused by the sunspot decline has only temporary masked the warming caused by our co2 emissions, and it is more imperative than ever that we cut back on our energy consumption.  And for  the next hundred or so years of cooling we should prepare to combat the global warming to come by learning to not use fossil fuel.

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