The MSM And White Guilt

As y’all know I have been harping the theam that the MSM either because of ‘White Guilt” or “Multculture Acceptance” have been selected not only the stories they report about crime, but the matter in which they report it to make it appear that blacks are the poor blameless oppressed while whites, except them of course, are heartless cold bigots. For an example I offer this:
This past August in St. Louis, Missouri, there was a murder of a young female college student, Megan Boken, She was sitting in her parked car when a black male, Keith V. Esters, 18, approached her, shot her twice, then jumped into a car driven by another black male and took off. When reporting the story the MSM did not mention the race of killers, now would they publish a mug shot of the perps.
Typical headlines regarding the shooting”
Huffington Post Article – Megan Boken Murder: 2 Teens Charged In Connection With Wheaton Woman’s Death
Wheaton Patch Article – UPDATED: Police Question 2 Menin Megan Boken Killing
St. Louis Post Dispatch Article – Cellphone played big role in arrest of two in Central West End murder.
And now this, “St. Louis judge orders 50-year sentence for killer of Megan Boken” from the St. Louis Dispatch. And still if you read the whole article you will not find a mention that Keith V. Esters, 19, of Bel-Ridge was a black man who killed a white woman over her cell phone.  Story here
When the two races are involved in a crime involving the opposite race there seems to be a concerted effort from cost to cost to paint black in as favorable a light as possible while at he same time portraying any white as dastardly as possible.  Why we put up with this insufferable political correctness I cannot understand, and why they feel they must present stories in this manner is also beyond me.  I also fail to see their endgame, what is the point of this distortion of the truth?
From what you read and see on TV you would never know that “Blacks are statistically 50 times more likely to attack whites than vice versa”
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